Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mugs and Yunomis

Fresh Pots, i just pulled these out last night. I was really pleased with the tile 6 flashing slip over a white stoneware i have been using. The yunomi on the right has a new ash glaze i've been trying.
here's the recipes for everything because i like sharing
Tile 6 Flashing
6 tile 80
Nepheline syenite 20
bentonite 2%

442 green ash
custer feldspar 40
Wood Ash 40
Om4 ball clay 20
Redart 1.5%
red iron oxide 1.5%


  1. I've been really admiring how that flashing slip is working. I drank coffee out of a Yunomi that was on your table (hope you don't mind-I washed it afterward). I must say, it was wonderful to touch and turned out beautifully! Nice work, dood!

  2. How is everything going? Your functional work looks great, any sculptural work?